Empower HER Mentorship and Leadership Program

Welcome to the She Plays Soccer Empower HER Mentorship/Leadership Program, designed for high school students in grades 10-12. Our program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring athletes to develop their skills and leadership abilities on and off the field.

Our program includes components such as goal setting, athletic coaching mentorship, session/year team development planning, leading programs, coaching reflection and follow-up, and volunteer hours. Our experienced coaches and mentors work closely with students to help them set achievable goals for their athletic and personal development, plan and execute effective team practices, and lead programs such as training sessions, camps, and community events.

Our program also includes coaching reflection and follow-up, allowing students to receive regular feedback on their coaching and leadership abilities, helping them to improve and refine their skills continuously. In addition, our program allows students to earn valuable volunteer hours while giving back to the community through their involvement in various events and programs.

Our Empower Her Mentorship/Leadership Program provides a unique and valuable experience for high school students, helping them to develop the confidence, skills, and knowledge necessary to succeed both on and off the field. Sign up today, by clicking HERE