"Dehara Is the coach of my U17 West Vancouver Girls Football Club. She has made a major impact on my soccer and personal life as she does with all girls she meets, young and old. She is a kind-hearted soul and an overall down to earth person. She is confident in her coaching and is a role model to so many young girls. She manages to keep you on your feet while making time for supportive talks. She has empowered me alongside my team to grow together and not only make amazing soccer plays, but relationships. She always keeps us working hard with high energy at practice while having fun. She lets us know when to be tough but always lets us feel vulnerable. She makes everyone feel involved and is always aware of everyone's feelings. She has a gift for making us laugh and always treating us with respect. There has been multiple occasions where she has checked in on me and my teammates outside of soccer and made sure we are all doing well. She uses not only her teaching ability, but her words to help empower us to become the best we can be. She acknowledges everybody's skills in post game emails and occasional snapchat checkins. She encourages us to become independent and confident in ourselves. She has taught me and helped me to use soccer as a solace and an escape route from reality. She shows you the fun and the hard parts of being a soccer player. She is welcoming to all and has one of the biggest hearts i know, she is fully dedicated to her work and relationships and continuously inspires me. I am so lucky to have a coach like Dehara and so is anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her in the future."

- Emily Thomson (U17 WVFC Gold Player)

"Dehara puts her heart and soul into being the absolute best coach possible and pushes us all to become better players. She makes you feel confident and strong, and capable of achieving any goal you desire. I am proud to call her my coach."

- Natasha Holubitsky (U16 WVFC Gold Player)

"I love how she works with you one on one. She is tough on you because she knows you’re capable of doing it and when you do it she praises you."

- Isabelle Stager (U17 Pemberton Gold Player) 

"T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More
This is Dehara. She builds character in every girl, on and off the field.  Every girl brings a unique talent and gift to the world and to sports.  Dehara finds it, nurtures it and helps it bloom." 

- Kelli Dalton (Parent of WVFC Player)