She Plays Soccer Academy Constitution

She Plays Soccer Academy Constitution;
Dedicated to the development of soccer enthusiasts focusing primarily on the
aspect of Professional Female Soccer Players and Coaches, coaching Girls. 
Focusing on the 5 wheels and platforms of the developing Player. 
These are; Physical, Technical, Tactical, Mental, Goal Setting
A multi-tiered system of technical abilities rather than specific age grouping.
Focus on the individual player through a system of; diagnostic tools, analytical reporting,
personal feedback, goal setting, mental preparation and additional methods when needed.
Will work on providing opportunities for “next level” playing and introduction to the wider 
soccer community and the International community.
She Plays Soccer Academy (SPSA) Girls’
TechnIQ Soccer Academy (Boys)
Formed on 
ARTICLE I. She Plays Soccer Academy
Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the She Plays Soccer Academy.
Section 1. The purpose of the organization shall be:
 a. to function as a sole proprietorship soccer academy.
 b. to encourage participation of dedicated soccer enthusiasts
 c. to foster loyalty to the organization as well as the sport of soccer.
 d. etc, as desired.
Section 1. Membership in this organization shall be open to all .
Section 2. There shall be individual registration.
 or  There shall be maintained by the payment of fees which are established by the
 Owner Operator 
Section 1. The Executive Committee/Officers of the organization shall consist of a;
Technical Director, Head Coach, Director of Operations, Executive Assistant.
Section 2. Duties and Powers
a. The duties of the Technical Director shall be to; Develop Coaching Programs 
b. The duties of the Head Coach shall be to; Implement the Coaching and technical programs 
c. the duties of the Director of Operations shall be; secure and maintain the physical properties of the Academy and to keep an accurate, permanent record of the organization, 
to take charge of all equipment, practice spaces, fields, offices and rooms including club houses.correspondence, 
d. The duties of the Executive Assistant shall be;   to maintain a community liaison for SPSA.
maintain all correspondence, filing and office systems, physical or virtual.
Section 3. Election of Officers
a. The officers shall NOT be elected but Appointed by the Owner Operator who is Sole Proprietor.
b. Qualifications necessary to hold a position in SPSA; 
c. The candidate shall be appointed in the following manner: Technical Director and Director of Operations.
d. Complete an in-house and on-going coaches training program. This is to ensure that the 
Vision and Mission of the Academy is upheld.
The SPSA is a user-pay to participate entity. 
Additional money to support the goals of the academy may be raised through fundraising and/or individual expenses that have been first approved through Owner Operator.
 In conjunction with the Director of Operations administers all budget matters separately.
• Section 1. She Plays Soccer Academy considers hazing to be a most destructive and degrading activity which is inconsistent with the standards of this student organization. Hazing, defined as: Hazing is any intentional or reckless action or situation, created to produce emotional or physical discomfort, harassment, humiliation or ridicule, is strictly prohibited She Plays Soccer Academy recognizes the dignity of every individual and opposes all forms of hazing.
• Section 1. It is unacceptable and a violation of policy to harass, discriminate against or abuse any person because of his or her race, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age or any other characteristics protected by applicable law. Such behaviour threatens to destroy the environment of tolerance and mutual respect that must prevail for this academy to fulfill its educational and health care mission. For this reason, every incident of harassment, discrimination or abuse undermines the aspirations and attacks the ideals of our community. Discrimination is adverse treatment of a person or group based on race, colour, national origin,gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age or any other characteristic protected by applicable law,
and not individual merit.